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Healed tattooed brows

The truth is in the healing! Here are a few pictures of some healed brows I recently tattooed, using the Combination Brows technique. This technique involves tattooing delicate hair strokes, within a custom drawn brow shape, and then finished with a soft powder to create a natural, full brow.

As you can see, the brow shape and colour will soften during the healing process, leaving beautifully natural and defined brows. It’s always important to remember this after your initial treatment, and during the healing, as your brows will go through some typical changes whilst healing:

Day 1-3: Brows will be at their darkest, try not to panic too much as it can be a shock to see your brows so defined and bold looking. Remember that they WILL soften, just be patient and give it a little time.

Day 5 – 10: Brows will become dry and flaky as the skin heals the tattooed pigment. The skin can be itchy during this period too so it is important NOT to pick or scratch your brows, doing so will result in loss of pigment.

Day 14 – 28: Brows can appear faded and patchy during this time, this is perfectly normal and part of the final stages of healing. You will notice over the coming weeks that the pigment will come back through as your skin rejuvenates.

6 week top up: Once your brows have settled to a true healed result, a top up treatment is then performed. This is to give your brows a little ‘2nd coat’ and also make any adjustments to the colour or shape if you wish.


I would always recommend viewing healed work when choosing a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist,  this will give you a better indication of the quality of their work.

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